For Mentees

What Young Woman Would Benefit From Mentoring?

All of them.  

Through monthly scheduled meetings each girl will build a strong relationship with her mentor.

But if you still aren’t sure YOUR  daughter, step daughter, granddaughter, niece, etc. would benefit, check out these questions.

  1. Does she seem to want to talk but not to a parent at home?

  2. Does she lack confidence?

  3. Does she crave acceptance?

  4. Does she struggle making decisions?

  5. Does she second guess decisions she does make?

  6. Does she allow her peers to treat her unkindly or disrespectfully?

  7. Does she seem secretive about relationships with boyfriends or girlfriends?

  8. Does she send sexualized text messages to others?

  9. Does she act clingy or needy for “someone her age”?

  10. Does she frustrate easily?

  11. Does she feel overwhelmed by school or social situations or life in general?

  12. Does she demonstrate body image issues?

  13. Does she need better coping skills?

  14. Does she put herself down?

  15. Does she need more ears around to listen?

If you can answer YES to any of these questions fill in the mentee application below.